Emergency Plumbers Campbelltown

Plumbing emergency? We’re on our way! If you’re looking for a reliable and on call plumbing service then Bow Bowing Plumbing can provide the solution to your emergency plumbing needs. With our depot located in Campbelltown South West Sydney, our plumbers are equipped to respond ASAP and quickly and efficiently respond to plumbing emergency Camden and surrounds. 

Licensed Plumbers with a trusted reputation. 35+ years serving the Macarthur community.

Many people become overwhelmed with plumbing problems, often leaving minor plumbing issues until they absolutely need a plumber. When a emergency plumbing problem happens there is often water rushing everywhere, damaging your home or business. 

Bow Bowing Plumbing can respond quickly and provide a timely solution to prevent further damage. We will be able to provide a upfront cost to repair your problem so you know exactly what your up for. All of our work is guaranteed.

After hours plumber near me

Usually when a plumbing disaster happens, it will happen at the most inconvenient time. Before you know it you have water spurting everywhere or perhaps the hot water system has stopped working. If you need a plumber after hours then call Bow Bowing Plumbing. We will come to you ASAP and get your plumbing issue resolved. Our vehicles are based in Campbelltown and Camden so we can respond quickly and efficiently to your home or business when you need us most.

What to do if water is bursting in my home

Firstly call us on 0401 790 211 so we can start making our way to you. We will probably get you to try and locate your mains water and turn it off (If you can) sometimes this is damaged or you may not be able to turn it off properly. If water is bursting near electrical items, it would be best to isolate the power. The simplest way to do this is to locate your fuse box on the side of your house and turn the fuse off. (Modern fuse boxes are usually clearly labelled, so you can turn off the affected area)  



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