Toilet Repair

These are one of the most common problems we face in a home with our water usage .

With water RESTRICTIONS and the way CLIMATE CHANGE is going, we need to preserve our water and look after the amount of water which is getting used unnecessarily.

Having a water leak in 2x CISTERN leaks in a home can lose up to 200 Litres a day or more, that is 6,000 Litres or more a month and a staggering 720,000 litres a year with a water meter ticking over you will pay for that water.

So with a look at a 2 x week period in each BOWL to make sure there is no water dripping or running down the back of the BOWL, remember you can call Bow Bowing plumbing to fix many different CISTERNS and FLUSH VALVES, from home or office and commercial sites to have repaired.

We encourage you to send us a photo of the to get a rough estimate on repairs, please note however we sometimes need to have a look at a cistern close to find the problem.

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